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Discover the range of Linodiet products! Special offers and exclusive labels, sweeteners, sugar substitutes for cooking

and baking, innovating jams with 85% less calories, dietary supplements for weight loss, and many more!

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Why we are unique...

We succeeded in formulating a unique liquid sweetener that’s made from natural sweeteners found in natural plants.
We have developed an innovative sugar substitute with zero sugars and 90% less calories than sugar. It is ideal for fine bakery and...
We are accomplished experts in sweeteners while our research and development department continually research innovative sugar-free and low calorie hea...
We have exonerated jams by introducing a global innovation; a delicious, light and healthy jam with 85% less calories and 93% less sugar...
We managed to vastly improve the taste of stevia through a blend of natural, plant origin sweetener.

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